The Jackdaw


Recomended For – 7 – 16 year olds
Topics – The Napoleonic War, Smuggling, Trust and Betrayal

A fact-based drama, set during the Napoleonic War. Whilst battles raged on land and sea, around the coast of England, countless French and Dutch prisoners-of-war were imprisoned in Hulks – old decommissioned warships. Life on these hulks was hard and escape impossible, unless you had the help of escape agents – smugglers turned people traffickers – to spirit you back to France. The most notorious of these was the Jackdaw, a shadowy figure, who outwitted every government agent sent to catch him.

The Jackdaw is an inter-active history play, involving the whole audience with some members playing active roles within the story. The play weaves fact with fiction and will keep the audience in suspense until the very end.

This play can be performed in the traditional proscenium arch manner but is usually staged with the audience sitting either side of a walkway.